1 Season 14 Episode

The Wall (1)

General information

Episode TitleThe Wall (1)
Air date1997-02-01


Early Edition 1×14

Synopsis of Early Edition 1×14

Morris from Chicago Sun-Times finds a box in the name of Lucious Snow and hands it to Gary. In the box Gary finds a newspaper from 1963 reporting on Kennedy’s assassination and the business card of J.T. Marley, a secret agent. In the newspaper, Gary notices that the cat is in one of the pictures from 1963, and under the smudgy lines of tomorrow’s newspaper he reads that the current president is going to be killed in his upcoming visit to Chicago – by Gary! In the middle of that, a secret C.I.A. Agent shows up investigating Gary and arrests Chuck. Without a home to go to, Gary looks for Harry Hawks, the paper’s editor, only to find out he’s been murdered.

To Be Continued…


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