4 Season 7 Episode

Fatal Edition (1)

General information

Episode TitleFatal Edition (1)
Air date1999-11-06


Early Edition 4×7

Synopsis of Early Edition 4×7

When Frank Scanlon, a Chicago Sun Times columnist famous for his exposes, meets Gary during one of his daily saves, Gary piques the interest of the reporter, who believes that the rescues are more than coincidental. Intent on investigating Gary further, Scanlon demands that Sun Times cameraman Miguel Diaz hand over the confidential file he’s been collecting on Gary. Meanwhile, when Gary reads in the paper that Scanlon is about to be murdered, he rushes to save him but the paper lists the wrong time of death – leading Gary to be found at the scene by police and subsequently arrested. Mounting circumstantial evidence even has Detective Toni Brigatti convinced of Gary’s guilt. After escaping his arraignment, with Marissa’s help, Gary becomes a fugitive desperate to find Scanlon’s murderer.


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